We have a pure bred herd of Nubian goats. The Nubian goat originated from England  and are known for their large pendulous ears and vocal disposition.  They are considered a diary goat but have more flesh than other dairy breeds so they can be used as a dual purpose goat.  The Nubian, unlike other breeds, can come into heat throughout the year and not limited to just the late fall.  This can create some challenges when managing a buck and birthing cycles. We plan to manage a herd of 15-20 Nubian does that will all provide milk and milk products for our family and for the farm.  We also use the milk to produce Goat's Milk Soap for Soaps & Myrrh as well.  You can check out all of Soaps & Myrrh products here.


Our girls graze on our back pasture of 8 acres all day everyday.  We supply a free choice mineral block and free choice hay.  We firmly believe that ruminant animals do best when they are on grass and not grain. We feed alfalfa while our does are in milk as it gives the milk a sweeter finish.

We raise our girls as naturally as possible.  We do not worm regularly but when we do it is with an all natural essential oil blend that is safe for the goats. 

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