We manage a small flock of 40-45 laying hens.  The breeds range from Americana's, White Leghorn, black sex link, New Hampshire reds and Plymoth Rock hens. The focus with our birds is to have them on as natural of a diet as possible.  This results in high quality eggs with deep orange yolks and firm whites.

Our flock is let out of their coop every morning to free range our property for bugs, green grass, and anything else they find to their liking.  They really enjoy our flower beds and garden!  We use the bedding from the coop in our compost so that we use their nitrogen to help produce strong yields in our garden, fruit trees, and flowerbeds.

We have organic crumbles always available and also throw out organic scratch grains.  This is especially helpful in the winter when all the bugs and green grass are not as plentiful

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